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HPA's International Webinar on Water and Sanitation in Cities completed

The Hydropoliticss Academy of Ankara – Turkey organized an International Webinar on  21st Century,Water and Sanitation in Cities on 6 May 2021 The webinar covered the following topics:

Hydropolitics Association  (HPA) held an international webinar to highlight the impacts of climate change, rapidly growing population, subnational hydropolitics on water and sanitation services in Cities.

COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities and deep-rooted inequalities in cities that will worsen as urbanization continues and migration flows accelerate. Climate action failure will add to the mounting pressure on urban spaces.

With careful planning, adaptation, and the necessary investments, cities can become the new sustainability hubs of the future.

2020 was the warmest year on record.  Extreme heat and mass migration from rural are seriously threatening  cities in the developing world in terms of sustainable water and sanitation services.

What are the emerging initiatives to prevent further insecurity and risks in cities?

To address these challenges and more, HPA  brought together leading experts and academics in a  roundtable discussions webinar.

The webinar hosted a number of internationally renowned speakers who are affiliated with institutions working on the subject:

  1. Prof. Tony Wong    Water for liveability in Cities. Chief Executive of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Australi
  2. Panchali Saikia Programme Officer, Water, and Sanitation  SIWI.Water and sanitation services in growing cities
  3.  Dursun Yıldız, HPA: Case study 1: Istanbul waters under Climate Change
  4. Kamal Jalouqa, Case study 2: Amman water supply and management in one the most water-poor country
  5. Leandro Fernandes Miyazaki Penha - São Paulo/SP - Brazil  .Sao Paulo Water and Sanitation Management

40 participant followed the webinar from different countries of the World

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session where the speakers and participants made clarifying remarks about the subjects covered in the Webinar and agreed to continue cooperating with the Hydropolitics Academy

You can reach the webinar record by clicking the link 


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