Water Peace at Home Water Peace in the World

New International Journal from HPA



The IJWMD focuses on new concepts and methods such as water and circular economy, technological water, virtual water, innovative water diplomacy, "zero waste" concept, smart water cities, inter-city water policy, subnational hydropolitics which have emerged recently in the field of Water Management and Water Diplomacy.

The Journal also focuses on ocean science  and protecting the future productive capacity of the ocean’s ecosystems

The international  Journal will  be an environment to discuss the above mentioned issues from a transdisciplinary perspective  and system thinking  approach  to encourage scientific studies on water management and diplomacy.  It also aims to put  these studies  from academia to practical areas.



The IJWMD scope covers  4 main areas  the topics as follows;

  1. Water resources management
  2. Water services management
  3. Transboundary water management and Innovative water diplomacy
  4. Security concerns  related with water, food, energy and ecology

Surface water, Ground water, Waste water, Rain water, Transboundary waters, Boundary forming waters, Sub national  water diplomacy, Aquatic ecosystems,Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources  Management, Water Services Management, Hydropolitics, Water Diplomacy, Relationship between Water, Energy, Food and Environment, Intelligent Water Management in Cities, Climate Change, Social and Environmental Resilience  and  Water Economy