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Dursun Yıldız CE(IHE) Expert on Hydropolitics 

Dursun Yıldız is a hydropolitics expert and Director of the Hydropolitics Academy Association located in Ankara-Turkey .He is a civil engineer and used to be Deputy Director at State Hydraulic Works in Turkey; completed hydro informatics post graduate course at the IHE in Delft,Technical training programme in USBR- USA and a master degree in Hydropolitics at the Hacettepe University-Turkey. He also used to be Vice President of  cahmaber of Civil Engineers and Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architecs .He has over 5 years of  teaching experiences in some Turkish Universities and now works as head of his own Hydro Energy & Strategy consulting company located in Ankara. He has published several international articles and 11 Books. He received Most Succesful Researacher Award on International Water Issues  from Turkish Agricultural Association in 2008.  dyildiz@hidropolitikakademi.org